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College Board Retreat 10-26-2020

Northern Virginia Community College Board held a hybrid meeting on 10/26/2020. The meeting was held at the NOVA board room at the Annandale campus and Zoom panelists.

Northern Virginia Community College Board web site https://www.nvcc.edu/about/board/index.html

College Board Retreat
October 26, 2020
CALL TO ORDER – Chair of the Board
ROLL CALL – Lindsay Mills
OPENING STATEMENTS – Chair of the Board
1. Best Practice Partnership Development
A. Panel Presentation: Networking and Making Connections for the College at the
Business, Political and Community Level. (45 minutes)
Zuzana Steen, Todd Rowley and John Porter
• Who are the types of individuals I should particularly approach to
promote NOVA?
• What are the best ways to raise NOVA in a conversation and what should
I be prepared to do?
• When is it best to approach people and when should I back off?
• Where should I guide people to better understand NOVA’s value?
• How should I start these conversations and how do I keep their interest?
• Why is it important to make connections for the benefit of the College?
• What do businesses expect from higher education in return for their
sustained support?
Discussion among members on what they might do to reach out.
B. Dealing with Feedback and Responding to “Intelligence (15 minutes)
Rosie O’Neil and Anne Kress
• What to do when you hear “bad things” from “good people” about NOVA
and recognizing opportunities for the Foundation
Good and Bad examples
C. Presentation: Best Practices in College Board - Foundation Board Relations(10
• Betheny Reid, (Betheny L. Reid & Associates, LLC affiliated with
eAddancement) will provide a short overview on outreach that would
support increased institutional fundraising.
2. Approach to Strategic Messaging
A. Shifting the Narrative and Amplifying the NOVA Value Proposition (25 minutes)
Rosie O’Neil – What ACCT and others are suggesting
Steve Partridge – NOVA’s messaging focus
B. NOVA’s Strategic Plan in Action (10 minutes)
Tykesha Myrick
• Positioning the College for long-term relationships on Capitol Hill,
securing grant support, engaging diverse student ambassadors
Dana Kauffman
• Calendar for outreach, the importance of ongoing communications and
the development of “Regional Sheets” to equip Board Members
D. Making NOVA Indispensable (10 minutes)
Anne Kress
• What I learned and gained by being at every invited table, participating
and staying in touch. What I hope Board Members takeaway from
presentations by their fellow Members and staff: You are NOVA’s
connection to the community!
ADJOURNMENT – Requires a motion and a second