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Spring 2021 PUP Summit – Evidence

Faculty PUP Summit Monday, January 4, 2021

2PM – 2:45PM – Evidence
• Courtney Boland/OIR - Data Coaching Model
• Tamara Warren Chinyani and Emily Miller –Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Data Close to Practice - Aligned with NOVA’s institutional mission and vision, the Data Close to Practice initiative aims to make data available to faculty and staff, and facilitate evidence-based and equity-minded decision making to improve student success outcomes. NOVA’s Data Coaches will build and support a cross-functional, campus/unit-based, team-led process that incorporates data literacy, inquiry, and decision-making to support the goal of closing student equity gaps. Through a sustained, multiyear focus on data literacy, NOVA practitioners will build a culture of data inquiry that focuses on the College’s student achievement criteria, student success metrics, and key performance indicators (KPIs) aimed to advance NOVA’s student success agenda.
NOVA’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) focuses efforts on providing our diverse student population with complete and comprehensive academic support services through equity-based and culturally inclusive focused classroom practices and supplemental instruction that can be delivered on campus and virtually. After a thorough review of the evidence-based practices and programs and College student success data that speak to the needs of students inside and outside of the classroom, the College community identified academic success services to ensure our students have access to consistent and essential services to support student learning and student success.